Radiation Tolerant Optocoupler

The 66223 optocoupler consists of an 850 nm GaAlAs LED optically coupled to a photodiode detector driving a radiation tolerant transistor. Test studies have proven this configuration to be even more tolerant to both proton and total dose radiation than configurations using a 660 nm LED. The 66223 optocoupler is packaged in a hermetically sealed TO-5 and is a pin for pin replacement for the 4N49. This device can be supplied to customer specifications as well as tested in accordance with MIL-PRF-19500/548.
Product Family Radiation Tolerant
Collector Non-Isolated
Forward Voltage 25°C 1.6V at 10mA
IC(ON) min. at IF 10.0mA at 10.0mA
Number of Channels 1
Operating Temperature -55°C to +125°C
Output Type Photodiode + 2N2222
Package TO-5 Metal Can
Screening Commercial


· Meets or exceeds MIL-PRF-19500 radiation requirements
· High reliability
· Base lead provided for conventional transistor biasing
· Rugged package
· Stability over wide temperature range
· 1000 Vdc electrical input to output isolation


· Eliminate ground loops
· Level shifting
· Line receiver
· Switching power supplies
· Motor control


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66223-101 - 40V Non-Isolated 1.6V at 10mA 10.0mA at 10.0mA 1 Photodiode + 2N2222 TO-5 Metal Can - Commercial + Group A

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