Proton Tolerant Optocoupler

The 66228 contains a gallium arsenide infrared LED optically coupled to a silicon planar phototransistor. The optocoupler is built on a TO-46 header. The anode of the LED is electrically connected to the case. The internal base connection has been eliminated for improved noise immunity.
Product Family Radiation Tolerant
Collector Isolated
Forward Voltage 25°C 1.8V at 50mA
IC(ON) min. at IF 4.0mA at 10.0mA
Number of Channels 1
Operating Temperature -55°C to +125°C
Output Type Phototransistor
Package TO-72 Metal Can
Screening TXV


· High Reliability
· Base lead eliminated for improved noise immunity
· Rugged package
· Stability over wide temperature
· +500V electrical isolation


· Eliminate ground loops
· Level shifting
· Line receiver
· Switching power supplies
· Motor control


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66228-001 - 50V Isolated 1.8V at 50mA 4.0mA at 10.0mA 1 Phototransistor TO-72 Metal Can - Commercial

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