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Power Management

Power MOSFET Optocoupler Radiation Tolerant, ± 90V - 0.8A

Power MOSFET Optocoupler Radiation Tolerant, ± 90V - 0.8A
The 53124 is a single channel power MOSFET optocoupler which is suitable as a pin for pin replacement for the Mii 53111 when radiation tolerant performance and similar electrical performance to the 53111 is required. The primary difference between the 53124 and 53111 is that the radiation tolerant power MOSFETs employed in the 53124 exhibit a higher RDS(ON). The higher values of RDS(ON) results in a lower current for the same power dissipation or higher power dissipation for the same current levels relative to the 53111.
Product Family Solid State Relays
Channels Single
IOUT 0.8A / 1.6A
Lead Finish Gold Plate
Package 8-Pin DIP Gull Wing
Radiation Tolerant Yes
Relay Configuration SPST-NO
Screening Screening to K Level
VOUT ±90 VAC / 90VDC


· Design Tested to 100 krad (Si) Total Dose
· Hermetically Sealed in 8-Pin Dual-In-Line Package
· Performance over –55°C to +125°C
· Compact Solid State Bi-directional Switch
· AC/DC Power Switching
· Maximum Average Current
AC/DC: 0.8 A (1)
DC only: 1.6 A (1)
Per Derating Curves (Figure 3)
AC/DC: 0.5 A
DC only: 1.0 A
· Optically Coupled
· Input/Output Isolation Tested to 1500 VDC


· Satellite/Space systems
· Military/High Reliability Systems
· Standard 28 VDC and 48 VDC Load Driver
· Standard 24 VAC Load Driver
· Aircraft Controls
· AC/DC Electromechanical and Solid State Relay Replacement
· I/O Modules
· Switching Heaters


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