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Micropac optocouplers are designed for military, space, and satellite harsh environments. These optocouplers are hermetically sealed and built to the appropriate MIL-PRF-19500/486 or MIL-PRF-19500/548 standards. We offer radiation-assured, 4N49 space-qualified optocouplers that have been qualified by TID (100 kRads), Neutron (1E12 n/cm2), with on-going ELDRs testing beyond (50 kRads). These radiation-assured optocouplers are well suited to space missions where radiation exposure and optocoupler performance are required.

Optocouplers are essential components used to minimize noise and EMI by isolating noise between circuits and subsystems. Often, optocouplers are used to provide isolation for control bus interface circuits, and data bus interfaces. We offer multiple package options for single and multichannel optocouplers such as LCC, TO-18, TO-78, Gullwing, and Thru-panel / bulkhead packages.

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Product No. Data Sheet Industry Number BVCEO Forward Voltage 25°C IC(ON) min. @ IF Number of Channels Output Type Package QML Screening