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Displays - LEDs

NVIS Compatible Hermetic Rear Entry Panel Mount LED Iindicator

The 62159 series LED indicators are hermetically sealed in TO-46 packages prior to being mounted in a wired rear entry panel mount housing. These indicators utilize ultra high efficiency MOCVD grown GaN green LED die. The Panel mount housing facilitates easy design-in for many display applications. These indicators are available in commercial and screening levels.
Product Family LED
Color Green
Component Type Visible
Max IF 30mA
Operating Temperature -50°C to +100°C
Package Rear Panel Mount with Connector
Power Dissipation 120mW
Screening Space Level


· Hermetically sealed
· Panel Mount with wire wrappable leads
· Designed for Hi-Reliability applications
· NVIS compatible green A


· Cockpit Instrumentation
· PC Board Fault Indicator
· Logic Status Indicator
· Binary Data Display
· Power supply on/off indicator


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NVIS Compatible Hermetic Rear Entry Panel Mount LED Iindicator