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High Bright Low Power Hermetic LED Indicator

The 62176 series indicators are hermetically sealed in TO-46 packages prior to being mounted in a panel mount housing. A diffused dome lens provides good on/off contrast and a wide viewing angle. The 62176-10X (Red) and 62176-20X (Yellow) indicators utilize a high efficiency AlGaInP on GaP LED, while the 62176-30X (Green) and 62176-40X (Blue) indicators utilize a GaN on Sapphire LED. Each type uses a diffused plastic lens over a glass window. All versions are available in standard, JAN, JANTX or JANTXV screened levels.
Product Family LED
Color Yellow
Component Type Visible
Lens High-Bright
Max IF 20mA
Operating Temperature -55°C to +100°C
Package Panel Mount
Power Dissipation 120mW
Screening TX


· Hermetically sealed
· Choice of colors (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue)
· 180° Wide viewing angle requirements
· Designed for Hi-Reliability applications
· Positive state status in sunlight


· PC Board Fault Indicator
· Logic Status Indicator
· Binary Data Display
· Power supply on/off indicator


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High Bright Low Power Hermetic LED Indicator