Displays - LEDs
Displays - LEDs

GaAs Light Emitting Diode “PILL PACK”

The 62000 is a GaAs Infrared Light Emitting Diode in a lensed “pill” package designed to be mounted in a double-clad printed circuit board. It is well matched to companion phototransistors and photodarlingtons with it’s narrow beam angle lens and small size which make it ideal for use in optical encoders, card reader arrays, etc. where maximum power out is not a consideration. Available binned to customer specifications and/or screened to MIL-PRF-19500.


· Hermetically sealed
· High output, 940nm
· Small package
· PC board mountable
· Narrow beam angle


· Incremental Encoding
· Reflective Sensors
· Position Sensors
· Level Sensors


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GaAs Light Emitting Diode “PILL PACK”