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Displays - LED Displays
Displays - LED Displays

Bi-Color Hermetic LED Indicator

The 62072 series indicators are hermetically sealed in TO-46 packages with a diffused dome lens which provides improved viewability in bright sunlight. The RED and YELLOW indicators utilize a high efficiency GaAsP on GaP LED, while the GREEN indicator utilizes a GaP on GaP LED. Panel mount versions with wire wrap leads are available including necessary mounting hardware. All versions available in standard or JANTX screened levels.
Product Family LED Displays
Character Type other
Color Green/Red
Forward Current 35 mA
Operating Temperature -55°C to +100°C
Package Panel Mount
Screening Commercial


· Hermetically sealed
· Choice of colors (Red, Yellow, Green)
· Panel Mount with wire wrappable leads
· Designed for Hi-Reliability applications


· PC Board Fault Indicator
· Logic Status Indicator
· Data Display
· Power supply on/off indicator
· Set Point Indicator


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Bi-Color Hermetic LED Indicator