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Sensors - Optical
Sensors - Optical

0.060”Coaxial Silicon Phototransistor

The 61059 is an N-P-N Planar Silicon Transistor in a 0.060” coaxial package designed to be mounted in a double-clad printed circuit board. It is available in a range of sensitivities and is lensed for minimum response to stray light. High sensitivity, low dark current leakage, and low saturation voltage make this device ideal for interfacing with TTL circuits. Available as commercial or screened versions.
Product Family Optical Sensors
IL 7.0mA to -
Operating Temperature -55°C to +125°C
Output Type Phototransistor
Package Pill Package
Power Dissipation 50 mW
Screening Commercial


· Hermetically sealed
· High sensitivity
· Small package
· Suitable for high-density PC Board mounting


· Incremental Encoding
· Reflective Sensors
· Position Sensors
· Level Sensors


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0.060”Coaxial Silicon Phototransistor