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We are considering buying Military grade devices and up-screening them to a JANS quality level. Does Micropac provide up-screening services?

Micropac can provide levels of up screening services, either directly or indirectly through partners in industry; however, an up screened device will not necessarily meet all of the requirements of a space-level counterpart. Micropac recommends using JANS or Class K quality levels for space applications as the best policy.

Are any of your military products RoHS compliant?

Most Micropac products are RoHS compliant in their standard form. Those that are not can be made RoHS compliant by special order.

What about tin whiskers on High-Rel devices?

Micropac does not utilize pure tin in any of its designs.

Micropac is a new vendor; to whom do I send our survey?

It is not necessary to send us a survey. We have a standard vendor information form that may be applied to all quality systems. Please contact Micropac Quality Assurance in order to receive the Micropac Vendor Survey Information.

I have heard that Micropac makes replacements for some very old device designs, like the Glass Stick detector.

Many factors affect the capability to develop replacement devices. Micropac’s engineering staff has the expertise to re-create the device where components are available or design a device that is form, fit, and functionally identical.

I know Micropac makes custom parts, but I need a device exactly like the one I have now, with better reliability.

Micropac is a demonstrated leader in providing copy exact devices, along with enhanced reliability requirements. Contact our Sales department with your requirements.

I want to perform pre-cap source inspection, but how can we see anything when optical coatings are used, such as in optocouplers.

Micropac actually recommends that pre-cap be performed as a post-bond inspection. Inspecting before coatings are applied allows inspection of the die and wires, along with the advantage that bond pull / ball shear can be performed without the degrading effects of de-gelling the devices.

I used our usual solvent to de-gel some parts for DPA, and the die have come off the header!

As Micropac generally uses conductive epoxy for the die mount process, many solvents commonly used to remove potting and die coatings are too aggressive and can attack and dissolve the epoxy. Aggressive solvents are also known to degrade the attachment of gold and aluminum ball bonds, which can result in erroneous pull readings. Call for the procedure, technical data and the MSDS, on Dynasolve 225. (972) 272-3571.

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