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Innovative Solutions for your Critical Applications

Micropac Industries, Inc. provides optoelectronic components, electronic assemblies and multi-chip microelectronic modules.

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Proven Solutions for the Warfighter

Providing Solutions Critical to Mission Success

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Harsh Environments Define Your World. Rugged Solutions Define Your Team

Micropac Provides Sensor and Sensor Assembly Solutions, Power Management Solutions and Display Solutions for “Mission Critical” Applications

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Your Equipment Means Life. Your Resource Team Means Solutions

When the Reliability of Your Equipment is Critical, You need a partner who understands "Mission Critical."

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Industries first source for high reliability, harsh environment power electronic solutions

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Developing the next generation fiber optic and opto electronic solutions for mission critical applications

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Sensors & Displays

Proximity and position sensors, severe application display solutions, and multi-function LEDs for every requirement

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Ready to obtain mission success?

Micropac is accelerating the pace of innovation for optoelectronic and microelectronic design and packaging to meet new mission requirements for space, military, industrial, and medical markets. We employ focused initiative to drive cost, performance, time-to-market and reliability to meet mission requirements.